dimanche 18 janvier 2015

Theory Booster Preview : Break to the future ! Step 2 : Double Rare

    The triple rare article i started earlier this week was longer than i thought. Consequently i decided to split the Theory booster preview in multiple parts.
Without further ado, let's start the double rare article.

jeudi 15 janvier 2015

Theory Booster Preview : Break to the future ! Step 1 : Triple Rare Analyse

The new booster is coming soon. Although it doesn't bring us any new Worlds ( a wise choice imo), it gives some very good to 4 different worlds. How much will this affect the game ? I really cannot say, but the cards look really appealing. I want to review every cards in the pack to be more prepared to this upcoming booster. And i thought, i could share it to you and make an article about that.

    What i promise, is that i will analyse every triple and double R, and highlight the bests Rares and Commons. Maybe, if i have the time (EDIT : very unlikely :o ), i will overwiew quickly all the cards, but i don't want to give you any false hope.

dimanche 11 janvier 2015

TLDR : Dungeon Hybrid

Buddy : Drum

Size 2 (10)
4 Brave drum
2 Bladewing phoenix
2 Blue Knight, Noboru 
2 Magical Fortress, Orser Kleinz

Size 1 (10)
3 Dancing Magician, Tetsuya
2 Dragonblade Wielding Sheila Vanna
2 Young Pope, Alex
1 Legendary Messiah, Tasuku
2 One Gauge Demon

Size 0 (6)
3 Bronze Golem, Jaish
2 Evil Dryad (play Skelton until Dryad is released)
1 Count dawn

Spell 25
3 Continue !

4 Mission card : Form a party
3 Mission card : rest at Nazaro's host springs
2 Mission card : Defeat monsters
Mission card : "THE Teamwork"

4 Divine protection of Shalsana
4 Pillar of fire
2 Quiescence of Cassiade
2 Hidden Crossbow

Item (3)
4 Brave Equipment, Glory seeker

Impact (2)
2 Dead End Crush! 

Playtest notes : Dungeon Hybrid

This article is now an archive. It has not been updated since Assault of the Omni lords

     If withe the release of Miracle Impackt Dungeon Ennemies and Pure Adventurers received some very good supports that turned the decks inside out, for Dungeon Hybrid, it is much more timorous. To sum up, Dungeon Hybrid got a nice defensive boost (new counter cards and some good movers) and a few silver bullets (cards that you play as one of to search throught effect, remember this term it will be used during the article).

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