jeudi 28 janvier 2016

Omnirion : The return of the terror

    Kaizerion dictates it, Omnirion is an aggro deck . You equip Kaizerion and you hit with it's high crit penetrate. The only changes are Schwarz sd and the omni lords which gives you a very safe edge in term of offensive power.

lundi 25 janvier 2016

Why star is now a lock deck

     At the creation, Stars was designed to be a lock deck : Astraeus + Frozen stars = obvious lock combo. But it turned out that the community didn't use they that way : Damian topped with a grind/flood Star decklist. Me, and every other Stars players followed this way. The lock concept just wasnt competitif.

With the recent support, it is now the lock variant under the spotlights.
Explanation of the evolution of the lock.

jeudi 21 janvier 2016

HD Beatdown : Join the Hundred demons

    Coming from every worlds, the Hundred demons seek to dominates Buddyfight.
Rallied by the great fiend, Yamigedo, and gathered with the sneaky ability 'Thunder Mine'; they now unleashed, and nothing will stop them.
    Don't try to ignore it. You too are called by Yamigedo to rally the army of evil. Come join me to The Parade of the Hundred Demons.

mercredi 20 janvier 2016

The basics 4 : Rule time part 1 : Effet and spell activation rule

     Buddyfight has a very unique use of the payment/resolution of the effects. This unique gestion of the skill truly makes Buddyfight a deeper game.
     Unfortunatly, it also causes a lot of chaos because this is something that too much players ignore. A lot of those players use the assumption that Buddyfight works the same way that X other card game work.
      This is why I want to explain how the most important rule in buddyfight works : Skill activations.

TL;DR Purgatory Knights

The latest version of Purgatory knights can be found in Justin Gee's video.
You can find his channel here.

Archives of TL;DR Purgatory Knights.

Playtest notes : Hero (Legend world)

    Hero  is an aggresive deck from Legend world which turns about Items and the ability to change the item depending on the situation.

      Something that you must keep in mind during the building is that the two power cards of hero (Caliburn grief and Oberon) require a drop investment. Caliburn needs 4 DIFFERENTS hero, Oberon needs 7 heros.

Latest update : HBT02

Playtest note : Wydar sarkal

     Wydar sarkal is a grind deck that plays around multiple unique interaction. Most of them revolving around Wolman Gutz and Nightwitch Clear, two cards that protect your center from attacks as long as your right is not empty.

Latest update : 2015 December's Buddy All Stars spoilers
The article that updates for HPP01 can be found here.

Deck review : Wydar sarkal

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